These two little horses came from BLACK MOUNTAIN MINIATURES in Carmel Valley. At this writing they are 10 months old stallions. They are going to be gelded at the proper time. They are playful, friendly and IN TRAINING.

The top photo is “CHANUPA” meaning sacred prayer pipe in Lakota.

The next photo is “DENALI” meaning great one.

Both horses are 33” high, and being trained for service and therapy work. In the future they will be visiting hospitals, schools for children with special needs, work with fire, police, and sheriffs departments, spreading magic, and joy while making marvelous unforgettable memories for those in need. In the meantime, come for a visit and experience another bit of magic at Bell Hallow.

“Chanupa” …….10 months “Denali”……10 months

My American Indian Dogs

NEWS…….. This is for everyones convenience….……the cottage is now fenced and gated off from the main house. This means that my dogs will no longer be roaming that part of the garden unless you want them to visit by opening the gate. It’s an invitation only type of thing. It is proving to be very convenient. They are now confined to the main house gardens. In the meantime the main house gardens are still open for your enjoyment…just open a gate, any gate you happen to come upon. Those of you who have visited Bell Hallow will realize this wonderful change…..I love it.

Let me introduce you to my three American Indian Dogs.

Those beautiful blue eyes belong to “Two Step.” He is a very gentle fellow with a loving heart. He is like a “Nannie.” He watches the little ones very carefully, and gently follows them through out the gardens.

The little girl in the middle is “Rain.” She seems to hang mostly with me.

And then there is Tolinka. If he could, he would sprout wings so that he could fly over the fence to play ball with the children no matter what age……1 - 100 years old.

These dogs come from Song Dog Kennels is in Selma Oregon. Kim LaFlamme is the breeder. He learned the “old way” of breeding from his grandfather and that’s how this project all started. The blood lines of these pups goes back before the Trail of Tears. It is like having a live piece of history in your back yard. They are NOT AKC, because of political and breeding program issues. Kim has kept a tight rain on these dogs as they are so very special. They truly are the “dog” before we started to play chess with canine DNA….very gentle, intuitive, loyal, playful, the perfect “door bell”…. Often they are referred to as “medicine dogs.” They know what’s going on before you do. Tolinka has saved two children out of the river….barked off and on warning me of the collapse of the river bank across from the cottage….lets me know about the wild life on the neighborhood…mountain lions, deer, bobcats. Thankfully the gardens are fenced from the wild things. Two Step comforts those that need a little love, tenderness and understanding. Rain can’t help herself…….she’s the one that spreads a bucket of joy.