Our little farm at Bell Hallow is home of two yearling miniature horses, (33” high). They are being trained for therapy and service work. Their names are “Denali” meaning great one and “Chanupa” meaning sacred prayer pipe in Lakota. These little guys came from Black Mountain Miniature horses in Carmel Valley. They are truly magical animals. The three American Indian Dogs are from Song Dog Kennels in Selma Oregon. They are the passionate project of Kim Laflamme who has been breeding these dogs for over 50 years. A bit of history in our back yard. Their lineage goes back prior to the Trail of Tears. They are often referred to as “medicine dogs” because of their intuitive nature. They are loyal, love people and adore children of all ages, and very gentle. They were originally bred to watch over the little ones, keep the elders safe, pull travois, alert the tribe of incoming visitors, and hunt…the all purpose dog in the day….and today. The cats, “Chevero",” “Elsa,” and “Mellow,” are independent out door cats that are great hunters. The hens give us organic eggs that we share with you. The roosters because of their beautiful coloring and the ability to replenish the flock. Bell Hallow has a beautiful “farm to table” organic vegetable garden, and fruit trees for you to pick and eat when ever you desire. Come get away from it all, relax, and enjoy the magic.